Review 50

Working with Kal and her team was a very impressive experience. We had worked with agents in the past but never a TEAM. Kal met us at the outset 100% prepared; in fact, we were “interviewing” agents with Kal being our first interview. After twenty minutes or so, we knew we needed to cancel the other interviews. Some things that really stand out about Kal are: honesty, follow-through, commitment, and communication. Kal was very realistic about the current market and strategies that would generate interest in our home. After we signed up with Kal and her team, she informed us that certain types of communication would occur on certain days of the week. This was very appreciated on our end; it allowed us to generate a list of questions over the course of the week knowing that we would have a specific time to discuss them with Kal or one of the other team-members. The TEAM philosophy was a huge selling-point because seven people with very specific skill-sets, working toward the same goal, will always accomplish more than a lone-wolf. Kal assured us that she and her counterparts would hit specific targets at specific times, following a Keller Williams formula that has proven to be very successful. Without fail, each benchmark was met right on target. Selling or buying a home will always have some level of stress; however, our experience with Kal was by far the best experience we have ever had. We will definitely sign up with Kal the next time we decide to buy or sell, and will definitely refer her to friends and family with 100% confidence