Review 94

After owning our home for more than 30 years, watching our daughter grow up and eventually move away, it was a difficult decision to sell our home. This is an older home with many of my husband’s handy-work and special touches. We knew it was time to sell. After my husband had read  reviews and talked to people about realtors in the Yuba-Sutter area, we knew exactly who we wanted to help us through our transition. Kal Johal and her team were the ones to sell our home. We called and made an appointment to meet with Kal. She helped us decide and explained to us what was needed to sell our house. Kal cared what we wanted and gave us great advice to us to help us achieve our goal. This was our first time selling a house so I asked a lot of questions. Kal and or her team mates were always nice when responding to my questions and didn’t make me feel like my questions were dumb questions…even if they were. Kal and her team worked quickly to put our house on the market. It was listed on a Thursday and they held an open house on Saturday. By that evening, we had a cash offer for our asking price. I know this does not always happen but we were sure glad it did. Kal and her team had done their jobs beyond what we had expected, by helping us know what would make our house most appealing to buyers, advertising so potential buyers would know it was available and being patient with this first time seller. We would like to thank Kal, Irene and all the additional team members for their awesome job selling our home.